January 2013 archive

Jan 30

Free Hadoop for Dummies Book and Review

For a limited time, you can download the free special edition book, Hadoop for Dummies, in PDF format, compliments of IBM Platform Computing.  Registration with IBM may be required.  [Update 6/7/13: the book download is no longer available from IBM.  See the end of this article for alternatives.] Register for Free Download of Hadoop for Dummies …

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Jan 27

How to Install VMware Player for Hadoop Tutorials

The easiest way to run Hadoop on your Windows computer in order to run Hadoop demos and tutorials would be to install VMware Player, then install a virtual hadoop server image from Cloudera, Hortonworks, or MapR.  See below for instructions on how to install VMware Player on Windows. 1. Download “VMware Player for Windows 32-bit …

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Jan 27

Install Hadoop on Windows in 3 Easy Steps for Hortonworks Sandbox Tutorial

Did you know that you can easily install a simple single-node Hadoop cluster on your Windows PC or laptop?  Normally, Hadoop runs on Unix computers.  However, thanks to modern virtualization technology, you can run a complete sandbox version of Hadoop within a virtual Linux server on your personal computer, for free.  This installation is ideal …

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Jan 25

Friday Funnies: Hadoop Stunts and Tricks

Here is a “cute” video of Hadoop doing spectacular things, for your Friday Funnies viewing.  Video is from Informatica which is well known for ETL software and is now positioning itself in the emerging Big Data world.

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Jan 23

12 Healthy Things To Do While Waiting for Your Big Data Results

Asleep at the computer, photo credit: twaize

Big Data can mean big wait times.  What do you do while waiting for your database or Hadoop query to finish processing?  Here are some ideas of how you can use the time for to take care of your physical, mental, and social health with the one to fifteen minutes of wait time before your …

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Jan 22

Date Night for Big Data for Valentine’s Day

Image credit: qthomasbower

I think it is brilliant marketing to have a Date Night for Big Data.  SiSense and Microsoft have partnered to put together this event for data scientists on February 13, 2013 in Mountain View. “Fall in Love with Big Data” is the clever tagline for the event.  Although there will be some networking opportunities to …

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Jan 20

Which Big Data Company has the World’s Biggest Hadoop Cluster?

Question mark

Which companies use Hadoop for analyzing big data?  How big are their clusters?  I thought it would be fun to compare companies by the size of their Hadoop installations.  The size would indicate the company’s investment in Hadoop, and subsequently their appetite to buy big data products and services from vendors, as well as their …

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