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laiman Electric Co., Ltd. was first established on the strip fuse switch disconnectors do, we do like to do the same work of art vertical fuse.


European exports of ten years, in the field of foster-bar switch is also the industry leading position. Painstaking research and development, new glory to market and signed with a number of large listed groups of bar switch designated supplier partnerships, and the product is the tender selling products. Tel: +86138 6863 8928 (Mr.Li); Website:www.laimanele.com

Company philosophy: to allow customers to save money and effort to spend worry-bar switch is our life's pursuit. Allowing you to spend every penny Lehmann will get value in return!


strip-fuseways laiman, German quality guaranteed for life. European quality, domestic prices.

laiman Electric Co., Ltd., formerly known as the West German Ministry of Foreign Trade Group, is located in China's "Electric Capital" - Liu City, founded in 2000, after progressing towards Hong Kong, Qingdao development and investment, and the German manufacturer has built 7.5 million dollars joint ventures - Lehman energy Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., and won the honorary title of high-end Qingdao Export Processing Zone enterprises. Gradually improve as development, production, sales and efficient enterprises, the main products: fuse switch disconnectors.

The company is strong in technology, product quality and stability, from 2007 to 2012 the total foreign sales continued to grow, for five consecutive years ranked the forefront of foreign trade enterprises in Yueqing, in 2012 was named the Star Enterprise, get government recognition and awards, and won the Hong Kong Innovation and Enterprise the honorary title, trademark "LaiMan" has become an international brand. Corporate governance norms, rigorous, human, scientific, strictly in accordance with ISO9001: 2008 quality management system standard operation, and management and production culture of cohesion and mutual development of enterprises, and strive for the benefit of employees of enterprises, employees sincerely return business.

Our products are excellent quality, export worldwide, with CCC, CE, CB, GB, UL and other testing certificate, welcome to visit our company, and procurement.

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