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Jimmy WongWelcome to HadoopWizard.com!

Welcome to the HadoopWizard website! I created this website to help people learn how to use Hadoop for “Big Data” analytics, which is one of the hottest fields in information technology today.

If you have a passion for applying technology to solve business problems, then you have the prerequisite motivation to teach yourself Hadoop for data analysis.  If you are a software engineer, IT specialist, or data analyst who needs to build up Hadoop skills to advance in your career, then this entire website is dedicated to you.  If you are a non-technical professional, such as an HR recruiter or a marketer, who also needs to come up to speed quickly on Hadoop, please read our Hadoop overview with special notes specifically for management.

About Jimmy

I have been helping corporations to leverage data processing, business intelligence, and analytics for competitive advantage for over 16 years.  As a young child, I had learned computer programming on early computers like the TI-99/4A and Commodore-64.  Over the years, I was fortunate to have opportunities to program industrial robots as well as to develop and run large-scale computer model simulations with PC’s, Macs, Unix, and even a Cray supercomputer.  More recently, my expertise has specialized on using SQL databases like Oracle and Teradata, as well as newer “NoSQL” solutions like Hadoop with PigLatin and HiveSQL, for the purposes of data warehousing, business intelligence, and advanced analytics.

I have worked with engineering, operations, sales, marketing, finance, HR, legal, and IT groups, and have found that everyone needs data, no matter what business function they are in.  In my last two companies, the core businesses have been in the internet and GPS/RFID industries, all of which generate tons of data.  I will be sharing with you my experiences, as well as insights from other experts, so that you too can become a Hadoop Wizard!

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