Free Hadoop for Dummies Book and Review

For a limited time, you can download the free special edition book, Hadoop for Dummies, in PDF format, compliments of IBM Platform Computing.  Registration with IBM may be required.  [Update 6/7/13: the book download is no longer available from IBM.  See the end of this article for alternatives.]

My Review of Hadoop for Dummies

Title: Hadoop for Dummies
Author: Robert D. Schneider
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Canada, Ltd.
Publication Year: 2012
ISBN: 978-1-118-25051-8

The Hadoop for Dummies book has the familiar yellow cover and has 45 pages of content across 5 chapters.  It’s intended to be a lightweight overview of Hadoop.  It’s comparable to the Wikipedia article on Hadoop, but written in an easy to read style similar to the other Dummies series books.  The book and distribution is sponsored by IBM, and parts of the book reflect that affiliation.

The first chapter introduces Big Data.  The author writes about how data is collected, what people use the data for, and how MapReduce and related technologies can help.

The second chapter gives an overview of MapReduce, how it works, and who uses it.

Chapter 3 talks about the open source Hadoop implementation of MapReduce.  The author steps the reader through the Hadoop architecture.  The book then lists some of the vendors distributing and supporting Hadoop, with IBM’s name sorted on top of all the other vendors.

The author writes about concepts on how to deploy Hadoop for enterprise-level quality in Chapter 4.

The last chapter, Chapter 5, lists ten miscellaneous tips on optimizing your Hadoop implementation, including how to involve stakeholders, determining the SLA, and various other architectural design tips.

That’s about all there is in the 45 page book.  You can read through it for a quick overview of Hadoop within a few minutes.  Please note that this special edition book being reviewed is not the same as the full-length book with the same title, Hadoop for Dummies, by M. Tim Jones, planned to be published in September 2013.  If you want a more comprehensive book on Hadoop or Big Data, please consider the following books (the two Dummies books by Jones and Hurwitz will be published some time in 2013, while Tom White’s Hadoop: The Definitive Guide is an established, well-regarded, text on the matter).

Hadoop For Dummies
by M. Tim Jones

Big Data For Dummies
by Judith Hurwitz

Hadoop: The Definitive Guide
by Tom White

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