How to Install VMware Player for Hadoop Tutorials

The easiest way to run Hadoop on your Windows computer in order to run Hadoop demos and tutorials would be to install VMware Player, then install a virtual hadoop server image from Cloudera, Hortonworks, or MapR.  See below for instructions on how to install VMware Player on Windows.

1. Download “VMware Player for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit” for VMware Player v5 and up.

2. Run the installer file and then click the Next button on the welcome screen.


3. You will see the End User License Agreement.  You need to accept to proceed.

vmwareplayer104. You will be prompted for a folder to install VMware Player into–accept the default and click the Next button.


5. You can optionally enable VMware Player to check for updates when it starts up.vmwareplayer3

6. You can optionally enable sending usage statistics to VMware. vmwareplayer4

7. You can then choose whether to create shortcuts on the Desktop and/or the Windows Start Menu.vmwareplayer5

8. Click the Continue button to proceed with the installation.vmwareplayer6

9. The installation will take a few minutes.vmwareplayer7

10. Once the installation has completed, you can click on the final Finish button to exit the installer.  On my Windows 7 computer, I did not need to reboot my system for the VMware Player installation to complete.vmwareplayer8

11. Now to check the installation, go to your Windows Start Menu.  You should see the new icon for VMware Player.  Click on it to start the application.


If you get prompted to upgrade to VMware Workstation, the upgrade is optional and you may skip the upgrade.

Now you can open the VMware image file or ISO file that others provided you.  Follow the instructions that came along with those image files.  You can then run your Linux virtual system cleanly without interfering with your main host Windows computer. If you don’t have an ISO image from Cloudera, MapR, or Hortonworks, see the next step below on how to download the Hortonworks Sandbox VMware image.

Next steps: See the installation instructions for the Hortonworks Hadoop Sandbox.

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