asks “What do you know about Hadoop?”

Photo credit: Yuko Honda

Photo credit: Yuko Honda

The website polled its readers over the last 3 weeks about how much they knew about Hadoop.  Out of the 1567 responses, a whopping 70% said that they already had a “pretty in-depth knowledge” of Hadoop, which is the most expert-level response choice on the poll.  Here are the full results.

What do you know about Hadoop?

I have a pretty in depth knowledge of Hadoop. 70% (1102 votes)
I know the basics of what Hadoop does. 6% (97 votes)
I’ve heard of Hadoop. 9% (138 votes)
What’s Hadoop? 10% (149 votes)
Other. 5% (81 votes)

The site editor admits the poll was not necessarily done in a scientific manner.  Nevertheless, the 70% is very surprising to me.  How many of your Java programmer friends would you say already have an “in-depth” knowledge of Hadoop?  As many as three out of four of your friends and colleagues?  How would you rate yourself on this poll?

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