Supercharge Your Big Data Presentations With This One Tip

Help Your Audience to Visualize Large Numbers in Your Presentations


Show people that you are the authority on Big Data with this tip from the experts.

1. Instead of quoting raw big numbers, convert the numbers into more intuitive units.  For example, instead of quoting $1.23 trillion, why not visualize it by saying a stack of dollar bills taller than 3 Empire State Building skyscrapers on top of each other?

See the Megapenny project for examples.

For HDFS file sizes in Hadoop, you can equate each Gigabyte to be the equivalent to the set of all books in the Library of Congress.

Use this one simple tip to visualize large numbers in order to make your presentations memorable and effective in delivering the right message.

Try using the online units converter to convert your big numbers into more intuitive units:

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