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Vow to Become a Big Data Hadoop Wizard This Year

Big Game or Big Data cartoon

So everyone is talking about Big Data and Hadoop and how they will be transforming business.  Are you ready for the transformation?  Will you stay ahead of the curve and update your skills before your current skills become obsolete? Join me in vowing to become a Big Data Hadoop Wizard this year.  Follow the HadoopWizard.com …

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What is Hadoop? A Light-Hearted View…

"What is Big Data?" cartoon comic strip by Jimmy Wong

Many people have asked me “what is Hadoop?”  They have heard about Hadoop and know that it is somehow related to “Big Data” but not sure of much beyond that.  On this HadoopWizard.com website, over the next few weeks, we’ll be learning together what is Hadoop and how Big Data experts are leveraging Hadoop to …

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