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Friday Funnies: Hadoop Stunts and Tricks

Here is a “cute” video of Hadoop doing spectacular things, for your Friday Funnies viewing.  Video is from Informatica which is well known for ETL software and is now positioning itself in the emerging Big Data world.

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Which Big Data Company has the World’s Biggest Hadoop Cluster?

Question mark

Which companies use Hadoop for analyzing big data?  How big are their clusters?  I thought it would be fun to compare companies by the size of their Hadoop installations.  The size would indicate the company’s investment in Hadoop, and subsequently their appetite to buy big data products and services from vendors, as well as their …

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Java.net asks “What do you know about Hadoop?”

Photo credit: Yuko Honda

The Java.net website polled its readers over the last 3 weeks about how much they knew about Hadoop.  Out of the 1567 responses, a whopping 70% said that they already had a “pretty in-depth knowledge” of Hadoop, which is the most expert-level response choice on the poll.  Here are the full results. What do you …

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What Every Marketer Needs to Know About Big Data

Photo credit: Sanja Gjenero

Forrester Research says that we are now living in the “Age of the Customer” where “the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge of and engagement with customers.” Aprimo CMO Lisa Arthur writes on Forbes “Why 2013 is the Year of the Marketer” where CMOs are optimistic about the growing relevancy of their marketing organizations because …

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Up and Coming Big Data Vendors in 2013


In InformationWeek, Doug Henschen recently published his list of “13 Big Data Vendors To Watch In 2013.”  This list is a sequel to last year’s list “12 Hadoop Vendors To Watch In 2012.” So how will 2013 be different from 2012?  First of all, besides expanding the list to 13, note that Mr. Henschen changed …

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What is Hadoop? A Light-Hearted View…

"What is Big Data?" cartoon comic strip by Jimmy Wong

Many people have asked me “what is Hadoop?”  They have heard about Hadoop and know that it is somehow related to “Big Data” but not sure of much beyond that.  On this HadoopWizard.com website, over the next few weeks, we’ll be learning together what is Hadoop and how Big Data experts are leveraging Hadoop to …

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Supercharge Your Big Data Presentations With This One Tip


Help Your Audience to Visualize Large Numbers in Your Presentations Show people that you are the authority on Big Data with this tip from the experts. 1. Instead of quoting raw big numbers, convert the numbers into more intuitive units.  For example, instead of quoting $1.23 trillion, why not visualize it by saying a stack …

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