Top 10 Helpful Hadoop Experts on Stack Overflow

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Who are the real unsung heroes in the Hadoop community?  I want to give thanks and kudos to the top 10 people who have provided the most contribution to the Hadoop open-source community via Stack Overflow in this past quarter, January to March 2013.  These experts have the highest scores for Hadoop and related tags on big data and cloud computing on the Stack Overflow question-and-answer site for programmers.  They all get the HadoopWizard blue ribbon for helping the Hadoop open-source community.  All of these people listed should also be considered as a top hire for any company needing Hadoop talent.

Top 10 Helpful Hadoop Experts on Stack Overflow

1. Charles Menguy (266 points)
Charles is a 25 year old software engineer working for Adobe in New York.  He knows Map/Reduce, Hive, HBase, Cassandra, Amazon EMR/SQS/S3, Java, Python, and SQL and is a Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop.  He is multi-lingual in English, French, and German.  Charles applies Hadoop to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining to solve big data challenges for digital media and advertising.  In this past quarter, Charles has been the absolute most prolific and helpful contributor to the Stack Overflow community with regards to questions and answers regarding Hadoop and related big data technologies.  In his own words, “I’ve joined the StackExchange network in an effort to improve my knowledge and also help others get the answers they’re looking for.”  Thank you Charles for your consistent support for the Hadoop community and your persistent willingness to help others.  Bravo, Charles!

2. Chris White (116 points)
Chris is a 31 year old software developer from Baltimore.  He focuses on Java and related projects like Hadoop. Chris has a blog at  He had the second highest score last quarter for contributions on Hadoop on Stack Overflow.

3. Winnie Nicklaus (61 points)
Winnie has been helpful on Stack Overflow for answering questions about Pig (PigLatin), which is a computer language to manipulate data in Hadoop.

4. Praveen Sripati (53 points)
Praveen is a 36 year old Big Data and Java programmer from Hyderabad.  He has a Hadoop Tips blog at and is also a Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop.  Praveen is passionate about helping others on Hadoop, HDFS, and MapReduce on Stack Overflow.

5. David Gruzman (47 points)
David is a Software Architect in Israel who is now an entrepreneur with a big data consulting company.  He has a blog at and is involved with a new company, LiteStack.

6. Amarkant Singh (36 points)
Amar is a Tech Lead and Big Data Specialist at Minjar in Bangalore.  Amar shares his knowledge about Hadoop and MapReduce on his blog as well as on Stack Overflow.

7. Lorand Bendig (35 points)
Lorand is a Software Engineer at MTA SZTAKI Hungarian Academy of Sciences from Budapest.  Lorand frequently answers questions about Hadoop and Java on Stack Overflow.

8. Harpun (33 points)
Harpun has been on Stack Overflow for over 3 years and frequently answers questions about Java and Hadoop.

9. Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz (28 points)
Arnon is a 40 year old software architect and manager in Israel building Big Data and SOAs.  He is the author of the SOA Patterns book.  His blog is at

10. Wawrzyniec (25 points)
Wawrzyniec has been on Stack Overflow for over one and a half years and frequently answers questions about SQL and Hadoop.

Scoring Methodology

The scoring is based on the aggregate data from which is a query engine for Stack Overflow metadata.  The score used is the sum score from January 1 to March 31, 2013 of the user’s contributions to the following tags: hadoop, pig, piglatin, mapreduce, hdfs, hbase, hive, cloudera, and hadoop-streaming.  Congratulations to Charles Menguy for being the number one top helpful Stack Overflow Hadoop expert in Q1!

[important]How can you get onto this top ten list for next quarter?  Simply share your Hadoop knowledge on Stack Overflow.  When you post frequent, high quality answers, your score will reflect it and the community will recognize you for your contributions.  You don’t need to be the world’s top expert to contribute.  If you have been reading the articles on, then you have more knowledge about Hadoop than the average person, and should be able to help others with Hadoop questions.  Learn and teach is another way to “pay it forward.”[/important]

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