Up and Coming Big Data Vendors in 2013


In InformationWeek, Doug Henschen recently published his list of “13 Big Data Vendors To Watch In 2013.”  This list is a sequel to last year’s list “12 Hadoop Vendors To Watch In 2012.”

So how will 2013 be different from 2012?  First of all, besides expanding the list to 13, note that Mr. Henschen changed the title from Hadoop vendors to Big Data vendors.  In the 2013 list, not every vendor is selling Hadoop-based solutions.  There are some new rising vendors who are pitching NoSQL solutions for Big Data analytics, but not necessarily Hadoop.

Does that mean the Hadoop hype is giving way to something newer and shinier?  Far from it, Hadoop is still being backed by big money (e.g. Microsoft, IBM, Oracle) and is still maturing.  There’s definitely plenty of room for Hadoop together with other NoSQL solutions like MongoDB and Couchbase.  Marcus Collins from Gartner thinks that Hadoop is becoming the “preferred solution” to solve these data problems.

Big data analytics and the Apache Hadoop open source project are rapidly emerging as the preferred solution to address business and technology trends that are disrupting traditional data management and processing. –Marcus Collins, Gartner


So here are the “13 Big Data Vendors To Watch in 2013,” per Doug Henschen of InformationWeek, with vendors new to this year’s list indicated.

  • 10Gen (new) – This company supports MongoDB, which is a JSON-formatted filesystem used as an alternative NoSQL database used by web applications like CraigsList.
  • Amazon Web Services – Amazon is in a strong position to rent out cloud-ready infrastructure for big data analysis for organizations that don’t want to manage the hundreds and thousands of servers directly.
  • Cloudera – Cloudera sells and supports an enterprise-ready version of Hadoop.  Oracle and IBM have partnered with Cloudera.  The original designer of Hadoop, Doug Cutting, left Yahoo! to join Cloudera.
  • Couchbase (new) – Couchbase is a NoSQL database providing key-value storage for large-scale web applications like Zynga’s FarmVille.
  • Datameer – The flagship Datameer Analytics Solutions (DAS) product integrates Hadoop data with a spreadsheet interface for data analysts.
  • DataStax (new) – DataStax provides support for Apache Cassandra which is a BigTable-like database with integration with Hadoop.
  • Hadapt – Hadapt helps users analyze data across RDBMS SQL and Hadoop together using various connectors.
  • Hortonworks – Hortonworks spun out from Yahoo! and provides an enterprise-ready version of Hadoop.  Notably, Hortonworks partners with Yahoo! and Microsoft.
  • Karmasphere – Karmasphere provides a GUI studio interface for data analysts to run SQL and other languages for adhoc querying of Hadoop.
  • MapR This company provides a commercial distribution of Hadoop (used in Greenplum HD Enterprise Edition), as an alternative to Cloudera and Hortonworks.
  • Neo Technologies (new) – This company supports Neo4j, a Java-based graph database that is used for modeling social networks and other graph data.
  • Platfora (new) – In October, 2012, this start-up recently launched their interactive in-memory BI analytical engine application which runs on top of Hadoop, and eliminates the need to program in Hive or MapReduce, so typical business analysts can harness the power of Hadoop without batch programming.
  • Splunk (new) – Splunk software enables users to data mine large volumes of machine data with machine learning algorithms to detect patterns.  Splunk went IPO in April 2012.

Which vendors from 2012 were left out of the 2013 list?  These five big vendors below.

  • EMC Greenplum
  • IBM
  • Informatica
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle

Mr. Henschen had replaced the traditional big IT vendors in his list with up and coming new upstart companies.  Are these big IT companies irrelevant in the world of Big Data?  No, far from it.  Although they may not be as innovative nor agile as the new start-ups, they already have established relationships with mainstream enterprises and they have the deep pockets to acquire the new breed of successful start-ups when the time for industry consolidation eventually occurs, if history repeats.

Who do you think will make a big splash in big data in 2013?  Leave a comment below on HadoopWizard.com.


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