Vow to Become a Big Data Hadoop Wizard This Year

Big Game or Big Data cartoon

Big Game or Big Data?

So everyone is talking about Big Data and Hadoop and how they will be transforming business.  Are you ready for the transformation?  Will you stay ahead of the curve and update your skills before your current skills become obsolete?

Join me in vowing to become a Big Data Hadoop Wizard this year.  Follow the HadoopWizard.com website for the latest news on classes, books, webinars, conferences, professional groups, and general tips as training resources in your personal transformation into the new data economy.

Share your commitment with others, and help encourage others to do so too.

Don’t delay, start today.  The opportunities that we see right now won’t last forever!

Is building your skills one of your new year’s resolution?  Leave a comment below.

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