What is Hadoop? A Light-Hearted View…

"What is Hadoop?" cartoon comic strip by Jimmy Wong

Hadoop is NOT the sound of someone sneezing….

Many people have asked me “what is Hadoop?”  They have heard about Hadoop and know that it is somehow related to “Big Data” but not sure of much beyond that.  On this HadoopWizard.com website, over the next few weeks, we’ll be learning together what is Hadoop and how Big Data experts are leveraging Hadoop to reap profits to their organizations.  If you are curious on finding out more about Hadoop and how it will help you in your career, join us on your path toward becoming a Big Data expert on HadoopWizard.com.

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I’m looking for funny jokes and cartoons about Hadoop and Big Data (clean, family-safe humor).  If you know of some, please share them in the comments below.

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